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Misleading Pop-Up Offer

Beware of "Free Annual Credit Report"
Offers On Our Behalf

We periodically receive questions from our customers regarding an unusual pop-up offer they sometimes see when they begin to log into Online Home Banking on our website.

This pop-up, promoting a "supposedly" free credit report, states that Aroostook Savings & Loan will provide you with a complimentary credit report if you click on the link.

These type of pop-up messages are in no way related to Aroostook Savings & Loan or our Online Home Bank service provider!  Please DO NOT click on the link and provide any information.

As best we can tell at this time, this message appears to simply be a part of some sort of adware on your individual PC, programmed to recognize sites that have a log-in and will randomly pop up.

Aroostook Savings & Loan does not use pop-up ads on its website. If you have questions about something unusual that appears on our site, please contact us at 207-498-8726 (1-800-696-8726, toll free In-State).  If you are capable to perform a screen capture of the pop-up (Windows Key + Print Screen or use the snipping tool if available), please email it to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..