In an effort to protect our employees and customers and adhere to Maine CDC “social distancing” guidelines,

we are offering DRIVE UP BANKING and ATM,

and we will be checking our night drop box throughout the weekday until further notice.

We Are Here To Help.

Branch staff will be available by appointment during regular business hours.

Please call us for assistance, 207-498-8726 or 207-764-6591

Money Management

Manage All Your Accounts from One Place

Money Management is a free online banking service that will give you the power to take control of your finances and simplify your life. It will allow you to manage all of your accounts from a single location. At a glance, you can determine how you are spending your money and identify ways to save.

Review the features and then Get Started Today! Simply log into Online Banking, go to the "Manage Money" tab and click on "Money Management".

  • All your accounts at Aroostook Savings & Loan will automatically be added
  • Add outside accounts, including credit cards, retirement, loans and investment
  • Add assets, such as real estate and vehicles
  • Automatically categorized
  • Can re-categorize, add sub-categories and split
  • Pie chart displays spending
  • Can drill down to transaction level per category and sub-category
  • Auto-creates first budget based on past 90 days of spending
  • Display as green, yellow or red bubbles; size shows relative amount
  • Add and edit budgets
  • Track spending in each category over time
  • Deep dive into data multiple ways
  • Visually compare spending with income
  • Prioritize your debt based on different criteria, using the Debt Snowball Strategy
  • See what happens when you pay more than the minimum
  • Pay your debt down faster
Net Worth
  • Track the net sum of all assets and liabilities
  • Monitor your overall financial progress
  • Drill down to see what makes up your gains and losses
  • Set savings, debt, and retirement goals
  • Set how much you’ll put towards that goal each month
  • Change amounts to see how long it will take you to reach each goal
  • Alerts go to your Notifications plus can be sent to email and/or text
  • Set up either Simple Alerts or Detailed Alerts
  • Details Alerts: select specific accounts and amounts