Schedule of Fees

Monthly Service Charge Schedule

Personal NOW Checking Account
   If daily balance falls below $250 any day during the statement period: $5.00
Personal NOW Checking Account (55 and older)
   No monthly service charge fee and the first order of checks is free.

Business Checking with Interest Account & Commercial Checking Account
   Monthly Service Charge: $5.00
   Checks Paid/Cleared: $.15 per item
   Checks Deposited: $.11 per item

Money Market Account
   If daily balance falls below $1,000 any day during the statement period: $6.00 
   Checks Paid/Cleared: $.20 per item

Internet Banking Fee Schedule
Online Home Banking: Free
Web Bill Payment: Free

General Service Fee Schedule
   Account Reconciliation/Research:
          $15.00 per hour and $.25 per page
   Bank Check (Customer): $1.00
               (Non-Customer): $3.00
   Check Cashing (Non-Customer): $5.00
   Counter Checks: $.25 each
   Check and Deposit Ticket Printing: Prices vary
   Deposited Items Returned: $10.00 per item
   Incoming/Outgoing: $1.00 per page
   Inactive Checking/NOW Account: $1.00 per month
   (after no activity for 12 months)
   Inactive Savings Account: $.50 per month
         (after no activity for 36 months
          and balance less than $10.00)
   Insufficient Funds:
          Regular Checks: $20.00 per item
          Web Bill Pay: $30.00 per item
   Interim Statements: $1.00
   Legal Processing Fee for Tax
      Levys/Trustee Summons: $25.00
   Lost/Stolen ATM/MasterCard®: $5.00
   Microfiche/Microfilm Copies: $2.00
   Money Orders: $2.00
   New Accounts Closed: $10.00
          (within 6 months of opening)
   Night Deposit Bags (Refundable): $25.00
   Replacement Key for Bag: $5.00
   Replacement Key for Night Depository: $10.00
   Notary Public (Non-Customer): $5.00
   Passbook Re-issued: $3.00
   Photocopies: $.25 per page
   Photocopies of Checks: $1.00
   Signature Guarantee: $5.00
   Stop Payments: $10.00 per request
   Telephone Banking: Unlimited Free Transactions
   Treasurer's/Certified Checks: $5.00 each
   Uncollected Funds: $10.00 per item
   Wire Transfer
          Domestic Incoming Wire: $7.00
          Domestic Outgoing Wire: $25.00
   Zipper Money Bags: $5.00